Red Cup real-talk

Read more about Red Cup Day and our continued efforts to progress bargaining with the unions that represent partners at a subset of our U.S. company-owned stores.

Creating the future of Starbucks, together

Read more about our rich history of listening to and learning from partners, and recent findings that our 2022 collaboration sessions were both rooted in past practice a did not violate labor law in any way.

Chicago Roastery Partners Vote No

Read more about why our Chicago Roastery partners voted 119-90 to reject Workers United and maintain a direct relationship with the company.

Prioritizing bargaining, not buses

Read more about our continued effort to progress negotiations towards a first contract for each represented store and why we think Workers United should prioritize bargaining over bus tours.

Responding to Workers United’s Pride Month smear campaign

Read more about the Unfair Labor Practice charges Starbucks filed against Workers United for making maliciously false statements about the gender-affirming care benefits we provide and our longstanding policy allowing Pride decorations in our stores.