Joint Statement from Starbucks and Workers United on The U.S. Supreme Court Ruling 

Read more about our efforts to create a fair and consistent standard for evaluating NLRB injunction requests across all U.S. federal courts.

Progress on our path forward

Read more about progress on the path forward and the timeline to implement each of the May 2022 benefits for the 188 stores where there was organizing activity on or before May 3, 2022.

NLRB Withdraws Its Request for Injunction Involving our Heritage Market Stores

Read more about the NLRB's recent withdrawal of its injunction involving the our Heritage Market district in Seattle.

Starbucks is not challenging the constitutionality of the NLRB

Starbucks has not joined the SpaceX lawsuit against the NLRB questioning its constitutionality or initiated similar litigation against the NLRB. 

Starbucks and Workers United agree on path forward

Read more about our announcement to begin discussions with Workers United on a foundational framework designed to achieve ratified bargaining agreements and resolve certain litigation.

Partners at more than 25 stores have filed for decertification: What does it mean?

Read more about our ongoing efforts to negotiate first contracts for each of our certified stores, and the decision by partners at more than 25 stores to petition the NLRB for a decertification election.

Fact check: Union's latest claims distort the process and our efforts 

Read more about recent claims made by Workers United and get the facts related to the review process for unfair labor practice charges and the Company's continued attempts to progress negotiations towards first contracts for union-represented stores.

Addressing a NLRB Complaint involving store closures in 2022

Read more about our position regarding a Consolidated Complaint issued by the NLRB and our decision to close 23 stores across the U.S. in 2022.

Reaffirming our commitment to the principles of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining  

Read more about findings and recommendations from an independent, third-party assessment into the Company's adherence to the principles of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Our outreach to resume contract bargaining with Workers United 

Read more about our outreach to Workers United President Lynne Fox, expressing our earnest desire to resume bargaining and our goal of progressing negotiations towards first contracts in 2024.

Ensuring our 41st and Main store partners voices are heard

Read more about our efforts to ensure partners at our 41st and Main store in Kansas City have the opportunity to make their voice heard through a fairly conducted secret ballot election.

Red Cup real-talk

Read more about Red Cup Day and our continued efforts to progress bargaining with the unions that represent partners at a subset of our U.S. company-owned stores.