What You Need to Know About
Collective Bargaining

After voting to unionize, Starbucks will negotiate with the unions certified to represent partners through a process called “collective bargaining”.

As we work toward building a bridge to a better future for all partners, we continue to be committed to bargaining in a way that honors and respects the dignity, individuality and privacy of our partners. Each store’s contract will be negotiated separately and ratified accordingly.

For those partners who have chosen to freely associate and bargain collectively, fulfilling our commitment means working earnestly to progress negotiations towards ratified contracts that address the unique needs of each union-represented store. 

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Store Bargaining Status

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News and Updates

Members of Company and union bargaining committees together on April, 25 2024 in Atlanta, GA

Starbucks and Workers United Resume Bargaining

Starbucks and Workers United remain committed to building a positive, productive relationship. This week, we conducted contract bargaining over a two-day session in Atlanta, Georgia.

Joint Statement from Starbucks and Workers United on The U.S. Supreme Court Ruling 

Read more about our efforts to create a fair and consistent standard for evaluating NLRB injunction requests across all U.S. federal courts.

Progress on our path forward

Read more about progress on the path forward and the timeline to implement each of the May 2022 benefits for the 188 stores where there was organizing activity on or before May 3, 2022.

NLRB Withdraws Its Request for Injunction Involving our Heritage Market Stores

Read more about the NLRB’s recent withdrawal of its injunction involving the our Heritage Market district in Seattle.

How Bargaining Works

Step 1

Union identifies a contact person for the newly certified store and issues a demand to bargain to the employer.

Step 2

The parties confirm the date and location for a first bargaining session (and potentially future bargaining sessions).

Step 3

Company and union bargaining committees meet in person for a series of store-specific bargaining sessions to present and discuss proposals and counterproposals for the certified store.

Step 4

Over a series of bargaining sessions, company and union bargaining committees try in good faith to reach tentative agreements on specific terms and conditions of employment for the certified store and continue that process until a good faith impasse or  agreement is reached on an entire contract.

Step 5

Partners accept or reject a proposed collective bargaining agreement for their store based on procedures set forth in the union’s by-laws and/or constitution.

Once a binding agreement is reached, Starbucks, the union, and all bargaining unit partners in that store, abide by the terms of that contract for the duration of the agreement.

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