Starbucks appeals NLRB ALJ findings about our ability to improve pay and benefits

Read more about steps taken to appeal a recommended decision and order issued by an Administrative Law Judge regarding the implementation of wage and benefits improvements at U.S. stores.

Creating the future of Starbucks, together

Read more about our rich history of listening to and learning from partners, and recent findings that our 2022 collaboration sessions were both rooted in past practice a did not violate labor law in any way.

Starbucks condemns acts of terror, files complaint against the union to defend partners and company

Read more about our efforts to address the spread of misinformation and inaccurate headlines stemming from statements made by Workers United following the heinous and unacceptable acts of terror against the innocent in Israel and Gaza.

NLRB Inspector General finds gross mismanagement in Overland Park election

Read more about a newly published report from the NLRB Inspector General, which finds NLRB officials grossly mismanaged the union representation election for our Overland Park store.

NLRB sets aside improperly conducted election at our Overland Park store

Read more about findings of substantial misconduct by local NLRB officials during the Overland Park union representation election and the NLRB's decision to set aside the election results.

Chicago Roastery Partners Vote No

Read more about why our Chicago Roastery partners voted 119-90 to reject Workers United and maintain a direct relationship with the company.

Prioritizing bargaining, not buses

Read more about our continued effort to progress negotiations towards a first contract for each represented store and why we think Workers United should prioritize bargaining over bus tours.

Responding to Workers United’s Pride Month smear campaign

Read more about the Unfair Labor Practice charges Starbucks filed against Workers United for making maliciously false statements about the gender-affirming care benefits we provide and our longstanding policy allowing Pride decorations in our stores.

Our unwavering support for Pride Month celebrations and the LGBTQIA2+ community

Read more about the many ways Starbucks celebrates, supports and empowers our LGBTQIA2+ partners and customers during Pride Month and throughout the year.

Addressing misinformation: Access to gender-affirming care for all partners

Read more about our longstanding commitment to provide all partners enrolled in a Starbucks health plan access to gender-affirming care.

Our difficult decision to close Ithaca area stores

Read more about the outcomes of a regular business review, which included the difficult decision to close two Ithaca area stores due to extreme operational challenges.

Latest in our ongoing exchange with Workers United President Lynne Fox

Read more about our latest correspondence with Workers United President Lynne Fox on bargaining delays, unlawful broadcasts of bargaining sessions, lack of commitment to in-person bargaining and requests for a cookie-cutter national contract.