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Members of Company and union bargaining committees together on April, 25 2024 in Atlanta, GA

Starbucks and Workers United Resume Bargaining

Starbucks and Workers United remain committed to building a positive, productive relationship. This week, we conducted contract bargaining over a two-day session in Atlanta, Georgia.

Starbucks and Workers United agree on path forward

Read more about our announcement to begin discussions with Workers United on a foundational framework designed to achieve ratified bargaining agreements and resolve certain litigation.

Fact check: Union's latest claims distort the process and our efforts 

Read more about recent claims made by Workers United and get the facts related to the review process for unfair labor practice charges and the Company's continued attempts to progress negotiations towards first contracts for union-represented stores.

Reaffirming our commitment to the principles of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining  

Read more about findings and recommendations from an independent, third-party assessment into the Company's adherence to the principles of freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Our outreach to resume contract bargaining with Workers United 

Read more about our outreach to Workers United President Lynne Fox, expressing our earnest desire to resume bargaining and our goal of progressing negotiations towards first contracts in 2024.

Red Cup real-talk

Read more about Red Cup Day and our continued efforts to progress bargaining with the unions that represent partners at a subset of our U.S. company-owned stores.

Prioritizing bargaining, not buses

Read more about our continued effort to progress negotiations towards a first contract for each represented store and why we think Workers United should prioritize bargaining over bus tours.

Latest in our ongoing exchange with Workers United President Lynne Fox

Read more about our latest correspondence with Workers United President Lynne Fox on bargaining delays, unlawful broadcasts of bargaining sessions, lack of commitment to in-person bargaining and requests for a cookie-cutter national contract.

Starbucks launches a new bargaining status lookup tool

Read more about our bargaining status lookup tool, which provides partners real-time updates on bargaining for the 3% of our U.S. company-owned stores represented by a union.

Our response to Chairman Sanders & other Members of the Senate HELP Committee following an announced subpoena vote

Read more about our latest response to Chairman Sanders and other Members of the Senate HELP Committee reaffirming our offer to make AJ Jones and other senior executives available to appear at a proposed March 15 hearing.

Standing firmly behind our partners' rights and our commitment to bargain in good faith

Read more about our commitment to respect our partners' rights to engage in lawful union activities and our ongoing efforts to meet union representatives at the bargaining table in-person and in good faith.

Starbucks pushes to move bargaining process forward while building on more than $1B in investments in the partner experience

An overview of our efforts to work side-by-side with partners to reinvent the future of Starbucks, our more than $1 billion in investments in the partner experience and our work to move the bargaining process forward.