Tag: Store Updates

Addressing a NLRB Complaint involving store closures in 2022

Read more about our position regarding a Consolidated Complaint issued by the NLRB and our decision to close 23 stores across the U.S. in 2022.

Red Cup real-talk

Read more about Red Cup Day and our continued efforts to progress bargaining with the unions that represent partners at a subset of our U.S. company-owned stores.

Responding to Workers United’s Pride Month smear campaign

Read more about the Unfair Labor Practice charges Starbucks filed against Workers United for making maliciously false statements about the gender-affirming care benefits we provide and our longstanding policy allowing Pride decorations in our stores.

Our unwavering support for Pride Month celebrations and the LGBTQIA2+ community

Read more about the many ways Starbucks celebrates, supports and empowers our LGBTQIA2+ partners and customers during Pride Month and throughout the year.

Our difficult decision to close Ithaca area stores

Read more about the outcomes of a regular business review, which included the difficult decision to close two Ithaca area stores due to extreme operational challenges.

Striking New York Roastery partners elect to return to work

Read more about return to work plans and our efforts to engage with New York Roastery partners and Workers United to support the continued well-being of our partners and customers.

Unconditional Return to Work Accepted at 847 Commonwealth in Boston

Read more about our acceptance of an unconditional return to work for partners at our 847 Commonwealth store in Boston.

Returning to Standard Policies and Concluding COVID-19 Programs