Starbucks is not challenging the constitutionality of the NLRB

Our focus continues to be on delivering on our partner promise. On February 27, Starbucks and Workers United agreed to begin discussions on a foundational framework designed to achieve collective bargaining agreements for represented stores, resolve litigation including matters related to our brand, and address other issues. 

This framework discussion marks an important milestone, a mutual, positive step forward. It is a tangible demonstration of a shared commitment to establish a productive relationship and work collaboratively with Workers United on behalf of Starbucks partners. 

To be clear: Starbucks has not joined the SpaceX lawsuit against the NLRB questioning its constitutionality or initiated similar litigation against the NLRB

In the past, where Starbucks was a defendant, in administrative proceedings the company highlighted that an issue along these lines may be relevant in future review of our cases. 

However, some are mistakenly conflating these positions with the current lawsuit initiated by SpaceX and joined by other companies.