Implementation of Benefits

Starbucks Partners will receive all new wage, benefit and store improvement investments at all U.S. company-operated stores where Starbucks has the right to unilaterally make these changes.  However, at stores where workers have union representation, federal law requires good faith collective bargaining over wages, benefits and working conditions which prohibits Starbucks from making or announcing unilateral changes.  Where Starbucks is required to engage in collective bargaining, Starbucks will always negotiate in good faith.  Also, at stores involved in union organizing (for example, where election petitions have been filed), Starbucks cannot lawfully announce new wages, benefits and changes because these might positively or negatively affect employee choices about unions.  For these reasons, Starbucks cannot determine or predict whether the new wage, benefit and store improvement investments will be implemented at stores that have union representation or are involved in union organizing, but consistent with the law, the wage increases announced last October 2021 will be implemented at these stores.  Starbucks reaffirms the right of Starbucks partners to organize, and Starbucks will not favor or discriminate against any partners based on their sentiments for or against unions.