Get the Facts: Treating One Another with Respect

The safety and wellbeing of partners and customers at our stores is one of our core values.  When a partner claims a threat to their safety or wellbeing at Starbucks, it is our policy to investigate the incident and, if we deem appropriate, suspend (with pay) those who were accused of threatening behavior.  We treat these claims seriously and do not tolerate threatening behavior of any kind.    

On Monday, August 1, our store manager at I-85 & Clemson Blvd. felt threatened and unsafe as a result of conduct by 11 store partners.  This was the store manager’s first day working at this location.  Consistent with our longstanding policy, we opened an investigation and suspended with pay the partners involved in the incident.  Following the incident, the store manager filed a report with law enforcement, who has directed Starbucks to refrain from engaging with the 11 partners until their investigation is complete.  Starbucks will continue to cooperate with law enforcement’s separate investigation and comply with its requests.

We fully respect our partners’ right to organize but no one, regardless of their interest in a union, is exempt from the standards we have always held – that everyone in our stores can expect to be treated with dignity and respect and work in a warm, welcoming, inclusive environment.